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for the advancement of women and children

We believe ripples of small donations can gradually lead to waves of change


Our mission is to raise funds for small NGOs who focus on healthcare and the advancement of women and children primarily in Pakistan. We strive to provide agency for women empowerment.

Founded in 2023 in Basel, "Ma" means mother in Urdu and is an ode to the mothers who have inspired and pushed us forward, the mothers we honor and the city of Karachi known magnanimously as the "Mother of the poor." The MaBasel Trust was formed on the momentum of a flood relief drive held in Basel in 2022 and the founders' experience in healthcare in Karachi earlier that same year.

MaBasel is a voluntary association organized as a Swiss verein. Donations to MaBasel are not tax deductible for U.S. tax purposes.


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An emergency fund based in Karachi, providing mothers and babies with essential care and supplies

Founded to educate & empower the youth economically and develop technical skills so they can uplift their family and achieve financial independence

Educational Book Collection

Organization that empowers underprivileged children & families by providing quality education, vocational training and nutrition


With early donations we were able to purchase an ultrasound machine for the remote Baba Island making prenatal diagnostics more accessible to the island inhabitants

A new learning center for sewing, English language and computer skills in PECHS Karachi has just opened with 60 new students enrolled in vocational courses thanks to MaBasel donations

Taqseem Foundation Campus 1 & 2 locations now have solar panels which can run lights, fans in the stifling heat, and a water cooler for their primary school students

OUR Board

While guest lecturing in Karachi, Pakistani-American emergency physician Ayesha Sattar witnessed first-hand the impact local Pakistani organizations play in the welfare of their citizens. They are on the ground to offer refuge, provide healthcare and education, fuel women towards financial freedom and Ayesha worked with them directly to coordinate flood relief efforts. The organizers are adept, dedicated, and highly skilled but limited in resources.

Together with Peggy-Sue Corkindale and her background in human resources and Luciana Yamaya with her background in finance and business administration, MaBasel Trust seeks to expand their reach and the resulting outcomes.

Special thank you to: Iqbal Mufti, Helen Ramscar, Angela Marshall, Tsunami Handaid, Carina Wyass, Sharifa Hyderally, HANDS Pakistan

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MaBasel Trust

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*MaBasel is a voluntary association organized as a Swiss verein. Donations to MaBasel are not tax deductible for U.S. tax purposes